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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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visit . >> laurie: right off the top at noon, a historic visit with the star spangle banner playing as president obama lays a wreath to remember cuban revolutionary jose marti. >> janine: fidel castro welcomed president obama to the island shaking hands laurens laurens as the historic visit, some in the cuban community are continuing to protest the restorerestoring of communication between the two countries even in neenz we brought you coverage it was announce this year laurens laurensyear year. >> laurie: our coverage continues.
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anchor calvin hughes along with cal 10 news reporter hatzel vela. yes, what a morning it has been already. >> reporter: en incredible morning it has been and another historic day for president obama, once again the first american president to come here since 192888 years ago that calvin coolidge came here. the president laying the wreath in front of the jose marti memorial. before we get to all of that we must say that is a windy, overcast day unlike yesterday when it s so rainy, but the seats have reopened and they have come back here to the >> reporter: quite a difference from the rain. we were out there in the plaza folks. i did talk to one gentleman who is from havana and one the things that he says is kind of struck me. i was kind of taken aback by what he said, because so important in the sense that he said, you know, the president has been here a day now.
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enough connection with the cuban people. keeping us away from him. we want to be able to interact with him. the sense you and i have gotten because if you travel throughout havana pretty, pretty tight because of security. >> reporter: or obvious security reasons. the president may not be able to mingle as we want to and cuban people would like him to do as the president is very popular on the island. we have a chance to meet with a lot of people later in the afternoon and meet with cuban entrepreneurs and the baseball game and plans to meet with dissidents as well. watch you through the day if you can. the day began with the cuban national anthem being laid in front of the jose marti memorial, and then right after that, the star-spangled banner, something unthinkable here going back several years. >> you get chills any time the national anthem is played, but to be in havana and to be witness to that was just incredible to both of us i think.
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incredibly emotional sight and cuban-americans back in south florida and the president layflorida and the president laying the wreath there in front of the jose marti memorial, a freedom fighter for this country. one of the people, one of the revolutionaryrevolutionaries who fought for cuban's independence against spain. >> a poet, a writer, a journalist who many times came to the united states, rather, to seek support for that independence, that of independence from spain. very well known especially in places like tampa where he came some 20 times because he needed help in his evident. >> reporter: is interesting too some are saying here among reporters that the president may have broken protocol by in fact when he went to sign the guest book and he was surrounded by reporters. what happened there? >> reporter: we are not quite sure. we saw sort of a melee of sortswe saw sort of a melee of sorts. something you would never seeee in america where everybody sorted rushed him and we didn't know at that point what was
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to sign the guest book. sure chapped. >> reporter: we hope to find out more later in the afternoon. now next door to the jose marti memorial is the revolutionary palace and a very nondistinctive building. most people will not know it is -- it is not a palace. nothing on the out of it that really indicates that is the revolutionary palace but that is wherthe president went into and shook hands with president raul castro there t greet him for the official welcomewelcoming ceremony. >> reporter: we saw him reviewing the cuban troops. sort of pomp and circumstance. we see this any time you have two heads of states coming together. we saw it again today. >> reporter: raul castro shook the hands of the u.s. delegation. susan rice, the natnal security advisor for the president and ben rhodes, a key behind-the-scenes figure in terms of bringing the two countries together and
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>> reporter: a huge advocate. thinks he is the way to go and pushing all along and defending the president's policies@toward cuba. >> reporter: all of them understand that cuba will not change overnight and ben rhodes is hopeis hoping this will be an you irreversible process and the policy of engagementpolicy of engage with president barack obama, and even the president thinks that the next administration and next congress will overturn the u.s. embargo. >> reporter: we can only wait and see what happens in november of 2016 but that is going to decide how we move foroard in terms of foreign relations with cuba. and then the president and then raul castro sitting side by side there, we haven't seen that since the summit of the americans going back to april of last near. >> reporter: panama was a different setting and now we see a one-on-one setting and leads to the bilateral talks rorpztalks. >> reporter: that image all around the world.
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and and old revolutionary sitting side by side. a list of the bilateral talks. some of the issues they will be dealing with, the environment, the ecosystems that they share being neighbors 90 miles apart. because we know that in south florida more than anyone. the florida straits and the arara between south florida and cuba. they are preserved. direct mail service we started. and the one issue that we know folks back in scuth florida are going to be looking at very carefully and those are claims between the u.s. and cuba. and then he issue of human rights. we saw how that is such amajor issue with the ladies in white, many of them being arrested outside of a church.>> reporter: and the president says he will continue to make that a top priority of his administration. likely it will be something that we will see during his speech, and what he says is, of course, the big, big question
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>> reporter: meeting with members of the civil socieiey and trade and travel. trade has gone up since the new regulations by the obama administration. a lot of u.s. travelers have come here and tourism is up. they are expecting 3 million. last year. and they are expecting even more than that this year. >> reporter: t t department of transportation will be releasing the flight information in terms o o what areas will -- what airlines wi be coming here. 110 a day for the entire island0 a day for the entire island. a significant number. >> a couple more we know about, telecommunication and the cornerstone issue for the president when he announced december 17, 2014 that the two countries will be coming together. telecommunication being a big issue because only 5% of the folks her on island have internet service. >> rporter: you and i have seen changes from the first time we caa. no wi-fi and now more and more
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all across the island. 15 provinces you see people stuck on their phones, the internet. neck not get enough. >> beforrwe wrap up, final thoughts from you about today and what we saw with the historical significance of all of this. >> reporter: i think it sets a good foundation for what the rest of the visit is. yesterday on the first day a bit of a lull and overall a bit of dryness overall, but i think from here on out things could get better. >> reporter: the president and raul castro wii hold a news conference to get answers of what they are planning to do, wh they talked about in terms of the bilateral issues. and we know the president will meet with cuban entrepreneurs later this afternoon and the official state dinner that is going to take place just over our shoulder at the ref louisry palace at 7:00. michelle obama will be with the president a this time. for now live from havana with my colleague, hatzel vela. i'm calvin hughes.
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know we received one quote that president obama wwas heard telling raul castro we had a great tour yesterday. enjoyed it. and we had a great dinner as they were shaking hands. so there you go. our first little bit of information from the ol camera. of course all of that and two translators. >> janine: absolutely. our senior c political reporter michael putney. the handshake was significant between president obama and raul castro. not the first time they have shaken hands and the first time they did it on cuban soiil in heart of the party in cuba. >> reporter: >> michael: ball optics and we saw a cavalcade of symbolic moments with the president at the plaza of the revolution, the jose marti, an for the "star spangled banner" played by the cuban militry band was an electrifying moment and they played it again going inside the palace of the revolution. and the handshake.
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substantive that has taken place, but the substance thus far are these moments. >> laurie: talking about the optics. the e ot of that kind of sculpture on the wall there. that just. >> michael: he looms over cuban history and looms over the plaza of the revolution. >> laurie: speaking of the star-spangled banner. mr. president obama was heard in english good job. congratulecongratulating the cuban military band on their ren significances of the "star spangled banner" this is when they were inside the palace. when they were outside they did a good job. >> michael: it was an excellent job. >> laurie: we hear it right now. the image. with it in the back. >> michael: the one on the list is chez. i forget right now who that is on the right, but the sculpture of chez.
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martsy where everything is happening in the plaza derevolution. back here at home, our own glenna milberg keeping an eye on everything at versailleson everything at very sigh where there are some protesterswhere there are some protesters. >> some protesters. some of the younger cuban-americans y, hey, this could be a step in the right direction. the older excitesthe older exiles say to them it feels like a slap i in the face. check in with glenna millberglive outside of the heart of where this political discussion happens. glenna? >> reporter: and it is exactly that crowd. the people who have the most personal staken what is going on, the people who have had their lives up ended, their familyfamilies possibly assassinated, everything stolen from them all those years ago, 50 years ago, and mainly the people we see out here protesting today. not a huge crowd here at very sigh at the corner of 36th and southwest 8th street, but a a
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absolutely y presents people who think that this trip that the president has taken legitimizes a dictatorship. those are the words that they use, and they want people to know that they feel betrayed. we see this very group and these very people protesng for so long for decades against the castro regime, and now today the protests are turned toward the preside of the united states. i want to take you up high in sky 10 in hd and show you the little crowd on the corner brought what they tall pablano brought what they tall pablano dora, steamroller. a great show of symbolism. so am symbolism on the side -- they seamroll over posters symbolizing the steamrolling of the mocratic process, and that is how they view this trip. and they view it as -- one man said it is spring break for the obama family on our dime.
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more than a money grab. >> this air force one which is our air force one same wih us -- for us. he have many businessmen are looking for money. they don't care about the people. did you see what happened in havana when they arrest lady of white, many dissidents in havana. it proves again that they go to oppress any opinion difference. >> reporter: so many things we see happening in the news from havana in the last 24 hours they feel legits their perspective. of course there are many other perspectives here. people here of younger generations who favor and support the new rules and relax travel arrangements that they can now makeo the family. they feel like internet although onl@y 5% of the cuban
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may be the beginning of an opening. all of these things they feel like after 50 years of a stalematete, maybe this will move the needle, but i will tell you everyone back home that there are not a lot of those people out here at verer sigh at the home. right now corner belongs to the pepele who have a very personal stake in what they are watching happenn ravannah, cuba. i am glenna milberg reporting live in little havana today, local 10 news. >> janine: history and personal. >> laurie: we have the schedule torun down the president and we are learning what he wrote in the guest book at the memorial day. we will share that. but do know right now president obama is in restricted access meetings with cuban president raul castro. they are expected to make afternoon joint statements to the press after their talks. whether they will take questions, we are not sure yet, and president obama is offering entrepreneurialship event in the afteeoon for cuban business leaders. later in the evening he and the first lady will attend a state
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we do know in the gut book at the jose marti memorial, he wrote, i is a great honor to pay tribute to jose marti who gave his life for independence of his homeland. the passion for liberty, freedom and self-determination live in the cuban people today. >> weill continue to bring you live coverage all day long and we want to stay on top of other developing news this afternoon. >> janine: after the break, moments when a man ran for help after being attacked at a atm. a shooting on duval street in key west. we are learning more of the people who were hurt after bullets went flying early this morning. good afternoon, south florida. a llive view out of hollywood beach cam. notice one thing. we are not seeing that many people out there. why? because that cool air over us. i will have all the details on
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or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings. more adventures. >> laurie: live pictures outside of cube r, outside the plaza revolution where president obama and raul castro are meeting inside the palace with their translatats. >> janine: a very somber ceremony. the president attended a ceremony the at jose marti. he was walking to the wall. a wreath with white roses and
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obama saying that hoy say marti is a person who gave his life to the independence of his hometo the independence of his homeland. live team coverage and as more developments happen in cuba, they will bring them to you. first on 10, and armed robber attacked a driver at a atm. a man with a knife tried to rob a man pulling out money from a bank of america atm. the story we first brought you ahd the search is on to find that robber. >> local 10 ben kennedy live in ft. lauderdale with the latest >> reporter: this driver fought back when a man holding a knife tried to rob him at that atm here behind me in ft. lauderdale. the victim did get cuts on his arm and neck, but he will recover. surveillance cameras record the victim of an armed robbery rae inside a gas station bleeding and looking for help. >> i asked him what happened. he just say call 911 because i am ---- i am dying, he say.
12:20 pm
attacked as he took money out of an atm next door at the bank of america off of davie boulevard and souththst 31st avenue in ft. lauderdale. st before 3:00 monday morning, police say he tried to fight off the robber who was performed with a knife. >> i was bleeding from his head and next and cut him. so he was bleeding too much.>> reporter: in the video, you see the victim clutch his arm as people nearby wrapped a wound. as they wait for paramedics who place him on a stretcher as >> reporter: police havnot released the victim's name. right now they are working to get their hands on the atm video behind me. that will give them a better idea what this robber looks like so they can catch him. reporting live in ft. lauderdale, ben kennedy, local 10 news. now to another story we saw first.
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three people were hit by bullets when a man opened fired. domestic dispute started all this. happened "early show" this morning at 1:30. localal0's erika rakobrought us this storerus this story this morning and has th latest ro report this is where police seder recognize david open fed. bullets went flying. 1:25 on duva street. half hour before rs close. caution tape up and people evevywhere. >> you heard four gunshots coming from the alleyway right here. >> reporter: derek david 34 years old from sugarloaf fired those shots police say. >> we hear two shots right here. and they ran around the corner. cops were here within 35 seconds, 45 seconds. >> reporter: all you have this the result of a domest fight between david and a woman. three people jumped in trying to defnd the woman on charles street. david open fired, doesn't hit
12:22 pm
men, innocent bystanders all visiting key west. >> saw gentleman on the ground. every day. >>reporter: people were camped show. >> i have been come here for 30 years. never seen it, never. my wife said come and get me. i am not walking myself. i said this is key west. >> reporter: they helped chase the gunman down one block over on green street >> the guy hopped over the fence right here. cops came around right here. guns drawn right here and i believe they ended up catching the suspect. >> reporter: one of the men shot was treated and released from the hospital. 56-year-old scott mcbride. the other two had to be flown from ryder. brendan boudreaux and argen reed. the woman involved in all of
12:23 pm
derek david has been charged with three counts of aggravated battery with a dangerous weaponbattery with a dangerous weweon. we are in key west. erika rakow. a metro mover supervisor is behind bars accused of ping and beating a woman. carl wilkes took an unconscious 25-year-old into a platform in miami. this all happened after she had left the ultra music festival this past weekend and learning the accused rapist confessed. layron in livevein miami with disturbing details. layron. >> reporter: yes, i have been reading rough the miami-dade arrest report, and it details a very graphic alleged sexual assault. this metro mover supervisor father of four admitted having sex with this woman. e problem is that that 4theroblem is that that 41-year-old carl lee will that and in bond court this morning reportedly confessed that the 22-year-old alleged victim was
12:24 pm
not trust her to drive because she cannot me, quote, rational decisions for herself. mia-dade police say the 2 2-year-old woman was from brazil andndowntown for the ultra music festival. she reportedly was not allowed on to the metro plover because she was so intoxicated under the influence of an unknown substance and they feared for her safety. a witness reported seeing the defendant carrying this unconscious woman down the stairs and into a utility room while he was on duty at the parkwest station, and that witness got concerned and found an officer to tell him what he had seen. so catch the judge's pretty candid response from the bench this morning. >> you shouldn't let your sids go to ultra. jeez. count two as well. count one, $10,000. count two, no bond. >> reporter: a public defender was appointed. wilt is being held as you heard
12:25 pm
for the sexual battery and no bond for the kidnapping charges he is facing. we are working to see where his job stands with the county as a metro mover supervisor and where that alleged victim is in south florida, -- whether in south florida or in brazil at in point. anything, pass it along, local 10 news. >> laurie: layron, thank you. one person is detained after a stabbing in noorthwest miami-dade. sky 10 was over the scene over 19 8th terrace. another person was taken to the hospital ith minor injuries. we are working to get you any more details as they come in. at noon, the search for a scooter came in after one open fired at a house party. it a 25-year-old man died and four others hurt. police were outside when shots were fired inside the home and a gunman t away. local 10's terrell forney joins us live from plantation for the latest for the search for a shooter. terrell?
12:26 pm
sign of aaone at this home since that gunfire. neighbors describe this as an abandoned property where sometimes these wild parties are flown. this past weekend where 400 people were stuffed into this two-story home. the aftermath of the wild party is still evidence at this plantation home where five people werere hit by bullets. one of the victims would not make it out alive. the body of 28-year-old serg e pierre dumas was found inside following the gunfire. >> he wanted to be known as a musician first and forrehost. >> the dumas's friends have plenty of question why someone would want to takewould want to take of a father and aspiring hip-hop artist. >> reporter: cell phone video show a girl walking out i in someone else's blood. it terrifying scene that left four other people with gunshot wounds including three
12:27 pm
these flyers had been circulating on social media days before the event advertising the party at a home that local 10 has learned is on the other hand by bus group ministryministries. of course we have reached out to that miami-based optionto th miami-based to that miami-based organizations, boss group ministries. so far no word back. i have learned that all of the victims rushed to the hospital, those four people, have since been treated and released. that gunman is still on the run. we are live in plantation this afternoon, terrell forney, local 10 news. >> janine: terrell, thank you. the race to the white house is heating unon another primary day. the latest on vote 2016 up nextthe latest on vote 2016 up next. we are staying on top of this historic visit. president obama meeting with president raul castro. live ctures from revolution plaza. >> janine: around 12:350. we should get another picture
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may increaseseisk of low bl turning noww to vote 2016, violence continues to erupt at donald trump's s rallies across the country, but the gop front runner is defending his supporters. in the most recent incident trump's campaign manager was reportedly grabbing the collar of a protester in arizona. trump is standing b b his campaign manager. ted cruz made a surpriri appearance at a church in arizona looking to shore up as much support as possible before the primary. cruz returned to arizona after a full day of campaigning there on friday. on the democratic side. bill clinton was in arizona campaigning for his wife. the former president and at a phoenix hiigh school accompanied by former congresswoman gabrielle gifford and her husband retired snawlt mark kelly.
12:32 pm
meantime, he was in washington state after spending the past week in arizona. thousands of people turned up to two different rallies. the senator is making stops around the west coast to close the gap between clinton. in total, there were 131 delegates up for grabs for the democratic party with the republicans, they will be fighting for 98 delegates. goof afternoon, south florida. happy spring and a happy monday to you. but spring not welcoming the warmer air. actually bringing us the cooler weather all the way down here to south florida. still overcast skies. they are very high, thin clouds that are -- that are keepi us nice and cool this afternoon. only 65 degrees right now in miami. 63 in ft. lauderdale. it is the middle of march where we are above average. 65 degrees. that is -- the average low. low -- not currently what should be the temperatures now.
12:33 pm
up to 24 hours in homestead straight our the of the northwest and check out these wind gusts as high as 32 miles per hour in key west satellite and radar, no rain on the radar, drying out. no clouds left ovr even into south florida. and high pressure is building in and eventually a lot of sunshine will be in store especially on tuesday. the 24-hour temperature change here in miami. we have dropped 20 de@grees since this time yesterday, and tonight, we will drop even moretonight, we will drop even more. tomorrow morning, waking up to a low of 59 degrees here in miami. so 50s first thing small-craft advisorysmall-craft advisories are in effect for boaters not only for the atlantic waters all the way down into the keys. this is going through tomorrow. `the bays very rough out there with wind speeds 20 to 25 knotswith wind speeds 20 to 25 knots. gustgusts up to 30. highsed to only chilly if we even get there. tomorrow will be milder after that cool start. the rain comes back by the end of the week. >> laurie: jennifer, thank you>> laurie: jennifer, thank
12:34 pm
>> janine: probably the last cold front. >> laurie: pull the sweaters one more time and enjoy. easter is almost here. we are days away and the bunnywe are days away and the bunnies are hopping. >> nine: they are. but they are also getting into brawls. the bunny brawl caut on
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12:37 pm
>> laurie: oh, no. and calvin for local 10 ns at 11:00. welcome back. live pictures from havana, cubalive pictures om havana, cuba, we are waiting to see what president obama and raul castro spoke about. you can see someone is at the podium right now. as soon as we get more information, we will let you know. >> laurie: we are hope>> laurie: we are hoping tohear from the lead hers between their private meetings and the more extended bilateral meetings they will into until at least 2:00 as we continue to cover this, we are talking politics and baseball diplomacy. with the game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team set for tomorrow, representatives of major league baseball just wrapped up a news conference. anchor: here are thoughts from joe torre and legendary
12:38 pm
visiting the island. >> just the potential of -- or the poosibility i should say and potential of, you know, long-term relationships caused by baseball and we certainlyy have things in common along those lines and just the passion that we have experienced from fans has really been hard to describe. >> so many differences beten the countries. whether it is locattn, language, political views, but one thing that is a common thread is we speak the same language of baseball. >> laurie: sports does create a bridge, doesn't it. jeter said playing with and against uban players have helped him to understand the passion that the cuban people have for the game. to other news now, caught on camera, a bunny brawl ahead of easter.
12:39 pm
a man dressed up as a easter bunny and another man throwing bunches. the bunny took his bunny head off and you can see the fluffy white pants still. security eventually separated the two. no word what caused the fight or if there were any injuries. >> oh, yikes. meantime, the kids at the mall said i just want my chocolate bunny here. what is going on. the miami hurricanes, they are still dancing this afternoon. >> laurie: the next march madness game will be a real match-up. who they are playing in the sweet 16 coming up. the historic visit. the live look out of havana. some sort of debrief after the first portion of the president's visit with raul castro. we will learn more information
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
what you may and klains finally know who they will play in the sweet 16 and some match-up on thursday.
12:43 pm
versus slailh nova who advanced. angel and company will have their hands full against the villanova wild cats who routed iowa after scoreiowa after scoring 28 points saturday. angel wanted to share the spotlight with his teammates. >> seems like a lot -- a lot of -- caught up on me but a lot other big-time plays that other guys played that will go uh-uh noticed because my performance. >> name is the angel rodriguez park. he should own the place. so focused and confident. >> laurie: love it. head to@ to see how your bracket is doing. mine is sted by the way. and if you are doing pretty well you could win a free 65well you could win a free 65-inch hdtv. and the $10 bill's face may not be changing after all. coming up next, how the musical broadway show "hamilton" may help him stay on the money. speaking of money, hope you
12:44 pm
a look at your winning lottery numbers. good luck. take you back to live pictures from cuba. an entrepreneurial event that president obama is expected to attend later on today. you can see here in the-audience -- who do we see. >>anine: right in the sender, just looked up. that is ike hernandez, one of the major cuban-american -- fernandez. thank you. mike fernandez rigt there in the sender. they are looking around to see other familiar faces bpt plenty of cuban-americans at this entrepreneurialship eventnt. another speaker coming to the
12:45 pm
join them in the yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad.
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trending today, hamilton, saving hamilton. alexander hamilton was on the verge of losing his prime spot on the $150bill to a woman. >> jananne: until his story hit broadway.
12:48 pm
helping hamilton keep his face on the bill the $10 founded father without a father >>reporter: that would be. >> alexander hamilton. >> reporter: by pcreating the musical sensation "hamilton" thrust the story of thesomehow forgotten founding father near 2015 pop culture the timing couldn't be better giving the firs treasury secretary a new shot of keeping his place of honor on the $10 bill. >> the new $10 bill will be the first bi in more than a century to feature the portrait of a woman. >> reporter: the move to put a woman on the $10 bill started last summer until alexander hamilton became a household name for the first time in three centurythree centuries. >> this was one hot ticket. the last time i went to hamilton, i didn't even get to see the show. >> reporter: but the prsident got the cast of hamiltn to
12:49 pm
>> i am -- i am so excited. >> reporter: miranda had the perfect opportunity to hang out with the current state secretary jack lew. he did what hamilton the man he embodies has done, press lew to consider hamilton's value to the country. after the meeting miranda tweeted, you talked to u.s. treasury about this monday. secretary lew told me you are going to be very happy. if hamilton stays, who goes. >> i wouldn't change the $10, i would change $20. i would take jackson off and leave alexander hamilton right where he is as one of the founding fathers. >> reporter: miranda has a knack of making the most out of unlikely situations. he performed the hamilln rap in 2009. >> the concept item of what en bodybodies hin hop treasury secretary alexander hamilton. >> reporter: got an assist by
12:50 pm
>> all right, drop a beat. throwing up some words i am going to do free styling that you never heard, constitution, the potus, i am free styling and you know this >>reporter: the hamilton creator may be buddies with tthe president now. >> you think that is going viral? that is going viral. >> reporter: but when it comes to hamilton's legacy, its place as the $10 founding faer the question still remains, can hamilton save hamilton. >> janine: such a sign of time. an american rapping actor who is trying to convince the current secretary of the treasury to keep the old secretary of the treasury on the $10 bill. >> laurie: and he is cuban american the musical producer is the brother of our producer. no way they can get rid of "hamilt" now on the $10 bill.
12:51 pm
mbe they will go for that. take taking a look outside. a glorious change. things may be windy or emptythings may be windy or ememier than usual and a nice change. we will check in with jennifer correa on the other side break. live pictures from havana, cuba. the entrepreneurialship under way as we speak. the president will make an appearance later this afternoonappearance later this afrnoonappearance later this afternoon. right now we understand he is meeting with fidel castro. s in your body
12:52 pm
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may increase risk of low what a wonderful change it is for us all across south florida. feeling that cool air. and seeing a little more sunshine finally breaking through those high, thin clouds, but still temperatures are struggling to wm up. still 64 degrees in ft. lauderdale. 65, miami, key west at 68 degrees. plus it is windy. winds out othe northwest today, 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusting uu to 30 now. highs could still reach 70 degrees, but that still well below the average. we will stay windy today, breezy tomorrow, and it will be sunny tomorrow and back tohe 80s by midweek. enjoy. jennifer, thank you. take you back to the live pictures from havana at the entrepreneurialship event that president obama is expected to attends a little bit later today. then take a look at some emotional moments. we just got this video in as the tampa bay rays arrived in cuba ahead of the visit. you are seeing the only cuban player on the tampa bay roster is reuniting with his family
12:55 pm
years. look at all of them waiting for him. let's hang with this video for a moment. oh, how specialal to see. this is what is going to make it so significant for all the players and whave been seeing all their tweets on the buses and traveling. they couldn't wait to get therethey couldn't wait to get there, and no doubt, they are surrounding him with as much love and support as he is getting in seeing hisis relatives now for the first time in three ears. >> laurie: there have been emotional moments and politically significant moments. and that is the moment where president obama shook the nd of cuban leader raul castro. the first time they did it in communist cuba. such a big time for them now. they are meetng and likely discussing the process of normalizing relations among othethings that hopefully later on this afternoon we will find out and as soon as we learn more, we will bring it to you online and on tv. >> anchor: a very big day of news and we are here to bring it all to you lead by calvin hughes live in havana.
12:56 pm
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you'll really like. plus, this food truck is powered by goodness. >> it's kind of a party we start >> announcer: it's about to get fast and fresh up in here, right now, on "the chew." [ [ eers and applause ] hello, everybody. welcome to "the chew." thank you, guys. super fast food that can feed a crowd? >> audience: yes. >> good, 'cause today's your lucky day. all hourong we are showing you how to make a feast of fresh and delicious dishes you can whip up in a flash [ cheers ] how are yiu guys feeling? are you happy about spring being here? yesterday was the first day of spring. >> yes. >> you know, i love every season for food, but there's something about spring. you make it through the winter -- lot of braises, , t of root vegetables, which we all love. but then, spring peas and guava beans and asparagus and brown
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>> it's like autumn. the two shortest seasons are the most exciting seasons because they represent such a quick change into an entirely differert technique. >> i think they're exciting for the home cook from that point too because rather than the long stews and braises of winter, you get these really beautiful fast fresh flavors because everything is good on its own. well, since yesterday was the first day of spring, we wanted to ask our audience to tell us about their wildest romantic spring fling moment. [ cheers ] >> oh, ho-ho. >> let me ask you a question. >> we all know where this is going. >> i was gonna say, this audience the same as all the rest of ours filled with pervs and perverts? [ laughter ] >> i hope so. >> i will say this, normally we'll get the camera to follow you and see who said what, but today we're leaving it anonymous since i'm sure some of your mothers watch this show. >> and the truth of ththmatter is, you know, we made it with like five. we hadado throw the rest of them out. [ laughter ] >> four, actually. >> dirty birds. >> all right, well, here's the first one. "on a ski trip with a touring orchestra, i hooked up with the cellist and we performed very well." [ laughter ]


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